Getting ready for Winter.


Sliding the upper deep back 1/2 inch will allow for an upper entrance for the bees for both ventilation and an entrance.

Cleaning off wax and propolis will allow the entrance block to sit flat and limit drafts.

A little bit of duct tape hole the block in place.

Finally a couple screws will keep it in place.

The main entrance is closed up leaving about a half inch opening for the bees to come and go, with the screen taped closed.

The screened bottom board is left open to provide plenty of ventilation for the winter.

Just enough space to watch the winter fly by.

After wrapping, cut a windows for the entrance window.

All set for the winter.

One thing I like about the this style of bottom boards is the small gap left between the solid bottom board, the green board, and the screened bottom board, the whitish board. This allows for some ventilation during the winter.