Honey warmer.

Made from 2 inch rigid insulation planking. Stand made from scrap wood.

Simply screwed together from 3 inch dry wall screws.

Screw in the screws taking care not to strip the foam you're attaching to.

After a couple years of use, I had to glue the corners together. It is now incredibly strong.

Place the warmer over the bucket and put the top on.   I'm using additions weight to be sure the cover stays in place.

Here is how I adjust the custom venting option.

This is the temperature in the box, not the honey.

This temperature was from a 60 watt bulb, I have changed to a 25 watt bulb, it gets the honey to about 93 degrees, the natural hive temp. This makes the honey strain and pour much better than it would at room temp.

The stand is made from scrap wood, screwed together for strength. It's going to be supporting all the weigh of the honey.

I leave the bucket right on the stand for bottling, the light helps too.

All made from 1 piece of foam board.

I also use this box to warm my supers, I place the bulb on the floor, put the box over it and place 2 supers on top of the box. The supers fit just right, then I cover with a blanket and slowly warm them. Don't use too high of a wattage, or you'll get the frames too hot and weaken the wax and foundation, this is if you use wax frames, not plastic.