Comb placement after cutting out a hive.


This is a NUC filled with a swarm I caught.

This was just a couple day after I caught them. I didn't push the frames together after I caught them.

I had left space between frames in the center of the NUC box.

I was lucky that there was nothing in the combs yet, made it easier to keep the bees off.

Try to cut them off as cleanly as possible. Not great, but when you try it, you'll understand...

If you gently allow the string to cut into the comb, it will help hold everything in place as you tie the parts in.

Don't be shy with the string. Be sure to use cotton string for tying the comb into place, it's natural and easy for the bees to remove when they're ready.

Try to align the combs down the center of the frame.

And 4 days later...

Notice the string is very chewed.

The comb is drawn and attached to the bottom bar.

Nicely attached

If they begin to draw it off center, cut it cleanly from the bar with a sharp knife.

Then bend it into position, just like working a top bar frame.


"Semi-foundationless" frame. I placed piece of shallow comb foundation in a deep frame.

They them did the rest of the work. I like to add the wires to add support, they'll build it right in as they go by.


Here is a good comparison between plastic frames, and wax foundation.

These frames were placed in the NUC at the same time.

Can you guess what they like better, wax or plastic?